The Sales Boy Who Got Lucky

As you know, sales boys don’t have a lot of disposable income just lying around. At the same time, they have the same basic needs as everyone else does. These needs lead to them desiring sex, but with no extra strings attached. Why should they have to spend a lot of money to get with a hot girl? Escorts are meant to provide sales boys with a good time. It is a way to get a release from a stressful job that often comes with long hours and limited benefits. At the end of the day, a hot sexual encounter with a girl who possesses tits to die for and a pussy that is ready and waiting helps relieve that stress.

One sales boy decided to look into hiring an escort to fulfill his needs, only to be quickly put off by the fees that were charged. How could he possibly enjoy getting his rocks off when he was going to lose two weeks salary just for a few gropes and a couple of moments of passionate love making in bed? That just was not going to be worth it for him, so he went out on the street and found a hot looking escort who fit the bill nicely – and for a fraction of the cost! All escorts want to please their customers, and many will do so for a cheaper rate and still make the customer happy. He took this girl back to his apartment and she showed him a great time. They had wonderful sex together and he felt that is was money well spent.

The sales boy got lucky finding a cheaper escort to hire. He is not bad looking guy, and the escort loved spending time with him. It was lust at first site as well as a fun and satisfying business transaction. The sales boy certainly was happy with his experience. He was so happy, as a matter of fact, that he made plans to hire the same escort the next time he needed a release. He will be a new loyal customer, and he found one of the great cheap London escorts.

Remember that cheap does not necessarily mean horrible quality. There are some great escorts in the area that will not clean out your bank account. Try one of the cheap London escorts out and experience it for yourself!

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