Are Beauty Products a Waste of Time? 

Like so many of the other girls at Brompton escorts from, I am very fond of using skincare creams and other beauty products. A couple of months ago, we had a new girl join us at our Brompton escorts service. She is one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever seen. We normally have nights out together on a regular basis, and on our last night out, I got a chance to chat to her about how she managed to get her good looks. It made me wonder if beauty products are a complete waste of time. I was pretty sure that she was going to tell me that she uses some of the most expensive beauty products out there. However, I think that she managed to surprise all of the girls at our company. She took great delight in telling us about her easy to follow skin regime which gives her that special glow in her profile photos. Instead of buying top band skin care products, she loves to use honey and oats on her face. She makes a lot of her own stuff and puts her good looks down to that. Not only that, but she eats the right kind of foods. The only time she drinks alcohol is when she goes out on dates with Brompton escorts. The rest of the time she sticks to drinking mineral water, and not does even drink fruit juice. Every day before she goes into Brompton escorts, she makes herself a bowl of oat porridge. She swears that is the perfect way to increase collagen production which goes to give her that lovely smooth skin of hers. Looking after your feet is something that you really need to do. I spend a small fortune on good quality skin creams but I end up with tired and aching feet over the weekend anyway. You are not going to believe this, but this girl just adds oats to her foot spa. She makes sure the water is nice and warm, and then she puts the oats in. After that, she uses baby oil to add some extra moisture to her feet. Honestly, I wish this girl would have joined Brompton escorts a long time ago. It would have been so nice to have had this beauty advice at the start of my Brompton escort career. Now that I know her Brompton escorts beauty secrets, I have decided to put them into practice. So far, I have tried her porridge oat bath. It is lovely and it does make your feet really nice and soft. Just leave the oats in the hot water for a few minutes, and you will end up with something which looks like a bit of a milky bath. Now when I finish my Brompton escorts shift, I rush home and treat my feet to my special oat soak. I guess the gents I date at Brompton escorts have been all along – getting your oats is really good for you.

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